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Rev. Henry McKinnon

The Henry McKinnon Commemorative Scholarship

As you well know, more and more families are becoming destitute and young people are dropping out of high school at alarming rates for various economical reasons. These young adults are often missing necessary educational components needed to continue their education at traditional colleges. This lessens employability and raises even higher crime rates that eventuality affect all of us. 

The purpose of the McKinnon Fund is to provide academic scholarships to individuals seeking an education or career in local technical colleges or centers.  It is our plan to have a positive impact on the communities€™ high jobless rates and the abundance of unskilled laborers, therefore lowering crime rates, bringing safer neighborhoods for businesses in the community.

Unusual in ability and achievement Rev. Henry McKinnon was Founder of The Orlando Community Baptist Church and Pastor 
of same for forty years.  Also Founder & President of the Metro Federation of Churches for approximately 40 years.

Highly Gifted & Popular Rev. McKinnon received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in 1991.  Received awards from Meals on Wheels, Orange County Sheriffs Department, Interdenominational Ministerial alliance, a plaque from the People’s Rights Organization and the list goes on.

Walter Lippmann said “the final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him, in others, the conviction and will to carry on.”
Because of Rev. Henry McKinnon, more affectionately known as “Daddy” I am able to see the humility in true greatness. He loved through his service to the needy, the hurting, and the lost. He showed the Jesus kind of love, “whosoever will let him come”.

Thank you Rev. McKinnon, I really do feel like carrying on.

Rev. Bennie Bradford, Secretary
Metro Federation of Churches
The Henry McKinnon Commemorative Scholarship