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The Henry McKinnon Commemorative Scholarship  
       Moving Forward in Higher Exellency!
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McKinnon Fund Scholarship 
Application 2020

The Henry McKinnon Commemorative Scholarship
Education is very important! Unfortunately, many do not have the time, the money, the drive or the know how to align themselves to achieve the rewards of a higher education, the McKinnon fund knows about this and wants to help. We are currently in the timeline for application submissions. 
We are hearing stories that the application is hard to download and print from the website, so we have printed up some for you to take today. Please let us know, the issues that you are having with the application process either through email or in person and we will try to resolve it so you can get your application in before the deadline date. 
For your convenience we have extended the deadline date from June 20, 2019 to June 27, 2019 for this year. We wish and pray for all those who apply, and pray for a rewarding education, and no matter what, don’t give up, pursue your dreams and God will see you through!

Starting from Left: Rev. Alfred Moore, President Billy Jackson, Scholarship Recipient Deja Blackwood, Vice President Charles Graham & Rev. Curtis Wilson.

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